Wildlife in Sasan Gir :

Sasan Gir is the only place in the world outside Africa, where the lion can be seen in its natural habitat. Again, The last remaining bastion of the Asiatic Lion, Gir is also home to one of the largest leopard populations in any park in India, making it an excellent place to see big cats of a different kind.

Gir National Park Gujarat :

Gir National Park Gujarat Established in 1965, Gir National Park and Lion Sanctuary is located at Sasan Gir, in the south-west of Saurashtra neck of land, in Junagadh District of Gujarat. Gir National Park Gujarat was mostly established as a forest reserve to conserve the Asiatic lion, and was declared a national park in 1974.

Best time to visit the Gir National Park :

Best time to visit the Gir National Park is from December through June and the Gir National Park is closed during the monsoon seasons. The forest area of Gir and its lions were declared as "protected" in the early 1900s by the then Nawab of the charitable state of Junagadh. The forest department operates Lodge, Hotels, Resorts, while some private lodges, Hotels, Resorts also exist

Resorts in Sasan Gir - Wildlife Resorts in Gir - Resorts in Gir Forest

Gir National Park Gujarat and Sanctuary does not have a chosen area for tourists. However, to cut the tourism danger to the animals and to promote nature education, an analysis Zone has been created at Devalia within the sanctuary. Within its chained fences, it covers all habitat types and nature sanctuary of Gir with its feeding-cum-living cages for the carnivores and a double-gate entry system.

The Gir National Park and Lion haven is together known as the Gir Protected Area. Gir National Park is spread over an area of 130,000 hectares. Forceful and steep rocky hillside covered with mixed deciduous forests encircles the park. The Gir National Park is home to over 300 lions. Popular of the other inhabitants here are leopards, chital, nilgai, chinkara, four horned antelope, wild boar and a variety of birds and reptiles. Apart from these, a crocodile rearing farm can be seen in the locality.

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